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Manzil Go offers a complete Solution – i.e. a parceled cross-discipline integrated solution, encompassing all aspects of the construction.

We offer a pronged Solution; namely

Finance + Design + Approval + Engineering + Management + GRIH PRAVESH

Design encompasses design planning, architecture, and interior. Engineering offers civil, structural, electrical, and plumbing. Management provides development, project, construction, and cost and place management.

Manzil Go is founded by experienced project team to plan, schedule and manage to ensure good quality of works and within the time frame.

We have a network of sub-contractor, supplier, installer, skilful worker to achieve standard quality of works and client’s satisfaction.

Supervising the building contractor is necessary to ensure the development is built with a high level of quality in line with design plans. Our engineers supervise construction until completion providing regular reports on progress and flagging inconsistencies as they occur. Our team of architects conducts scheduled visits and inspections throughout the course of development progress.

We follow the latest best practice standards and guidelines on managing, presenting and conducting architectural consultancy for a development. We provide you with a clear project schedule on commencement and keep you informed every step of the way.

Our range and scope of building construction services include excavation, piling, substructures and superstructures works, architectural works, aluminum cladding and curtain walling, mechanical and electrical works, interior fitting-out works, external works and landscaping.

At Manzil Go, with extensive knowledge of our in-house industry experts and partners combined with our robust fulfillment & customer care, we ensure to assist you at every stage of your construction, interior, renovation and refurbishing related needs.

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